CANSA – Share To Care

CANSA - relay for life

Catching up with a friend who lives in South Africa, last night I found out that Michelle has been super, super busy these past weeks organizing a team to support the CANSA Relay For Life in her hometown – Port Shepstone.

Now, I know she runs her own business, takes care of her home and family and is currently spending every free minute trying to make this Cancer Relay a whooping success. I innocently asked her, “Do you enjoy it?” Knowing how exhausted she was, I thought she’d say that she is tired and would like a break, but she surprised me by saying that she loves every minute of it! I was really inspired by her commitment to this cause. Her motivation to give back to the community, even though she herself isn’t directly affected, it is extremely impressive and takes a tremendous amount of empathy.

And this got me thinking – What can I do to help out on a larger scale. Sure, I’ve spent time volunteering as a teacher at NGOs, donate clothes and food at shelters, but what could I do to help at a global level? And then it dawned on me – “SPREAD THE WORD, MAKE PEOPLE AWARE!” Thus, today I urge EVERY ONE of you lovely readers to help out the community. You don’t have to donate money, all you need to do is – Share to Care! Share this blog and use the social media to the advantage of this noble cause.

CANSA - Relay for life

The CANSA Relay For Life is part of an international movement that unites cancer survivors and the communities that care about them. It offers everyone in the community the opportunity to fight against cancer and to honor those who have been touched by cancer.

Relay for life is a fun, overnight team event which is Volunteer driven and Community owned. At the relay, each team of 10-15 members commit to having at least one team member walking around the track at all times for 18-24 hours, because cancer neither slumbers nor sleeps! After sunset, tribute is paid in a very emotive Luminaria Ceremony by lighting candles inside luminaria bags which encircle the track – these bags are dedicated to those who have lost their battle, to those who are still fighting and to those who have won their struggle against cancer.

Find out more about the CANSA RELAY FOR LIFE here!


Friends, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, today, take a moment to support this noble cause by clicking the share button (it literally takes a minute). You can join me in supporting this event by making it viral in the hopes of making people aware. Every little bit helps!

CANSA - Relay for life

I’ve Shown My Support. What About You?


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