Editor’s Pick Of The Month – D.R.D.P. Sofa

An auction, An exhibition and An International event with the who’s who of the Interior world + an amazing product to drool over = Highlights of our very busy month at Treniq! Could life get any more interesting?

layout (1)

While the sun gods play hide and seek, we decided to celebrate Spring anyway. Our way of doing this is of course to take you through the lovely world of design and luxury. It’s a journey full of splashes of colour, styles and collectibles woven into various slugs, so what if the sky outside swings from a dreary grey to a dull blue.

While on this cheerful note, let me slip in a confession. The reason for our joie de vivre is not just the weather. Some of the most respected names in the world of interiors are a part of this editorial. Embark on a journey with us as we try to understand what makes Arjun Kanhai tick; the design exuberance of Farrago Designs; the opulent style of Brabbu; the energy of young guns like Hurley Marble and Bat Eye. We also get to know Slow…

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