My name is Kritika – although Kritzy is greatly preferred, I’m a writer & enthusiasts of all things “Fashion, Beauty & Life” related.


Once upon a time, in early 2014, after indulging in various other fashion and beauty blogs as a way to read up on the latest goings on, I decided to join in on one very boring weekend, and “My Little Book of Fashion” was born.

                My little slice on the web mainly consists of my love and longing for anything fashion and beauty related. Ofcourse – I constantly rabbit on about how much of a hopeless romantic I am. You’ll probably get sick of it, but it’s not going to stop. Blogging is my hobby and I’m very fond of it indeed. So much so that I’ve recently made it my full time profession as the editor and content developer for a UK based Lifestyle website – Treniq @ blog.treniq.com.

Here however, I personally write all posts which vary from fashion to beauty to food to DIYs and then some more. A girl next door’s blog on her love for all things fashionable, it’s an incredible feeling to be a part of the blogging community and I especially love all the wonderful comments left by the gorgeous people who read my ramblings.

If you want to know anything else, get hold of me just below. Do get in touch I love a good natter:

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4 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Jacob! Thank you for dropping by. I hope you liked what you read. 🙂 Your project sounds very interesting. I love meeting and interacting with new bloggers as well. I’d love to get round to your page and give it a read. Have a happy weekend! Cheers! ❤


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