Forever Black- Wardrobe Essentials For Every Closet!

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”
― Coco Chanel, Chanel

Every Fashionista understands the power of black in her closet. With versatility in its demeanor, a black outfit is appropriate for every occasion. Taking you from a corporate look, lunch with friends to a romantic date in the evening, a black outfit is the perfect go-to essential piece of clothing in one’s wardrobe. Continue reading


Rings, Cuffs and Harnesses… An Ode To Ornaments!!

This Festive season give your hands a royal treat with a little bling bling!! Cuffs, Rings, Hand Harnesses, the trend is taking over the Fashion World.


Girls and women of all ages have always been blindsided by bling. Costume, artificial, real, anything that comes in the category of jewelry is an object of temptation for the Y chromosome. Off-late, the fashion streets have been buzzing about the ear cuffs and boy did we stock up on them. If you thought that you have enough ornaments in your booty then we’re here to make you re-think. This festive season, it’s time to go to the ultimate accessory heaven as we introduce you to the newest trend on the fashion market- midi rings and harnesses. Continue reading

The Saree Blouse Gets A Makeover… Rev-up Your Style With Different Looks!

Different kinds of saree blouse are the best way to re-vamp your vintage sarees this wedding season! With the saree blouses getting a makeover you can create different looks with the same saree.


When it comes to Indian fashion, sarees have been the most quintessential elegant piece of clothing that every Indian woman has in her wardrobe. If you are in a fix about dressing up or dressing down for an event or occasion, a saree can be you go-to outfit. Gone are the days when sarees were worn with the same old kinds of blouses with different necklines and back designs in the name of variation. Today,designers have re-vamped the saree blouse into a trendy attire that uplifts the look of the saree and can take you from retro to casual to glam… Continue reading

Go Subtly Sexy This Season With Lace !!

Being such a delicately feminine pattern, Lace is the most beautiful texture to incorporate in your wardrobe this Season! 11 For people who think that lace is antiquated, we’ve got news. Since lace is such a timeless piece of pattern, there are a number of ways to pull off this cute-sy trend without looking like you stepped out of a 1950’s catalog. All you need is the eye of a Fashionista and a pinch of creativity and you can revamp your look with this intimate piece of clothing in a jiffy. Continue reading

The Quintessential Ear Cuff- no longer a punk look!

Want to make a style statement? Chunky neck-pieces wearing you down? Try going the punk way!

No silly, we aren’t asking you to get piercings and wear loud jewelry to make a statement. 

Over the years, punk fashion has boiled down to the quintessentially single, statement piece worn to lift up your otherwise drab outfit. After chunky neck-pieces having been overdone to death. Viola! Make way for the Ear cuff.

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Tricks to Wearing Tricky Trends!

New trends keep hitting the runway every few weeks and while we manage to keep up with them seldom do we incorporate some in our wardrobe. Having the urge to wear something does not mean you can actually carry it off.

I mean, yes! Crop tops are ‘in’ but I don’t have a perfect mid-section to flaunt it like Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor and don’t even get me started on the notoriously deceptive polka dots — cute to look at but hard to pull off!

So, for some of us girls, who shy away from sporting such trends, here are five styles that we can work with by taking baby steps. So hold my hand and let’s get cracking!

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